About StackThread Software

StackThread Software is a small, UK-based startup with the simple manifesto of creating high-quality applications for the desktop, mobile devices and the web.

StackThread currently has two contributors focused on building a portfolio of applications for a variety of audiences. With experience spanning everything from iOS application development to high-volume trade processing software, StackThread is well-equipped to provide our clients with an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience.

Please contact us for quotes on software development, consulting and bespoke training.


Rich Pollock

Graduating in 2007 with a 1st class MA MSci in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, Rich has since built a career as a health economist and has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals.

He has worked for an international pharmaceutical consultancy and as part of a health economics start-up firm in Basel, Switzerland, where he currently develops innovative, technical solutions for a number of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Rich has significant programming experience in C, Objective-C, Perl, Javascript, PHP and Python.


Jim Gough

Since graduating from the University of Warwick with a 1st class MEng in Computer Science in 2007, Jim has built a career in high quality financial software development. Working in both high volume trade processing server side applications, commodities front office technology and rich internet applications for client interactions. Over the last 4 years has worked for 2 of the biggest global investment banks and continues to work in client technology on a full time basis. Jim has significant experience in Java (including frameworks and data persistence), Flex, Objective-C, C#, Perl, proprietary front office banking languages, Commodities and Listed Derivatives.