Contributions to the Developer Community

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Open source software

At StackThread, we strongly believe in open source software. Since our applications rely on so many excellent open source projects, we like to give something back to the individuals and organizations that created them.

StackThread's first open source component, STHorizontalPicker, was released in July 2011. STHorizontalPicker is a horizontal value picker control for use in UITableViewCells on iOS. The picker facilitates the quick selection of numerical values from a range of values that can either be specified directly or by assigning a delegate conforming to the STHorizontalPickerDelegate protocol.

StackThread's open source projects can be found on GitHub here.

Community Involvement

Informal gathering at the Java Specialists Symposium
StackThread Directors participating in a discussion on Java User Groups at the 2012 Java Specialists Symposium in Crete.

Since its inception, StackThread has been heavily involved with the wider development community. James is an associate member of the London Java Community (LJC), and has contributed significantly to the LJC Java Community Process. These contributions have included launching a global initiative called Adopt a JSR, for which JSR-310 has been the pilot. This has involved evangelising the proposed API and running hack days in London to get people trying out the API.

James is also presenting during the 2012 JavaOne community keynote along with 5 other talks at the event. He will also be attending JAX London speaking about how terminology and jargon can obscure the goals you are trying to achieve. Richard is also involved with the community and has recently spoken about differing approaches to memory management on mobile platforms at the Java Specialists Symposium in Crete.

Presentations and Writing

Recently, James has presented a couple of lightning talks at the London Java Community. We also occasionally write posts on StackThread's projects, interesting developments in technology and other assorted miscellany on the StackThread blog.