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Dignity FAQ

Q. What does Dignity do?

A. Dignity will remove the phone numbers of selected contacts in your iPhone address book for the amount of time you specify (up to 24 hours).

You can select contacts using the red contacts button, select the duration of "lockdown" using the yellow timer button and enter lockdown using the green padlock.

In Settings, there is an option to allow contact details to be restored during lockdown. When this option is active, an extra button is visible on the lockdown screen in Dignity, which will allow the contacts to restored ahead of time. If the option is not active at the time of lockdown, the numbers cannot be restored until the specified time has elapsed.

Q. Can I delete Dignity to recover my phone numbers during lockdown?

A. No, the phone numbers are preserved inside the Dignity application. Removing the application will remove the numbers.

Q. Do you copy/use any of my data?

A. No. Dignity takes a copy of your contact's phone numbers, but this remains on your device; your contacts' details are never transmitted to StackThread Software.

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